Treatment of Mesothelioma

Treatment of Mesothelioma
By Sandra Oertell, Guest Editor

Once you have been positively diagnosed, you must then decide which treatment of mesothelioma will be the best for your case. There are several different kinds of treatment that are available, and your doctors will more than likely recommend a combination of them. But there are also some new treatments that you should discuss thoroughly with your medical team.

The traditional methods of treatment are radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery. Learn what is entailed in all three of these mesothelioma treatment options. Radiation uses high energy rays, usually X-rays, to kill the cancer cells. Chemotherapy uses potent drugs….literally poisons…to kill the cancer. And surgery, removes the cancer from the body, which in itself can be dangerous.

These decisions should not be made alone. Your doctor, your oncologist, and your surgeon are there to help you make the best choices for your particular case. You can go to sites online, such as for comprehensive and detailed information on the newest treatments available.

Some of the experimental procedures that can be considered for treatment of mesothelioma are photodynamic therapy, gene therapy, and immunotherapy. They are only available if you become part of a clinical trial. The results, however, thus far, seem promising.

There are many factors to be considered when choosing between your options for mesothelioma treatment. How early it has been detected and diagnosed, and what stage the cancer has advanced to is most important. Where it is located, and how much it has spread is paramount. But also to be considered is the age, desires, and general health of the patient, as well as how the cells look when seen through a microscope.

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The prognosis is not good, and survival time is usually between eight and twelve months after the symptoms are apparent. However, with treatment, many have lived a longer life. At several cancer centers in the United States, as many as forty per cent of their patients have survived for five years or longer. Getting it diagnosed as soon as possible is the best thing you can do for your chances.

Mesothelioma treatment options are available through a number of sources. Learn everything you can about what the condition is, how you may have gotten it, where you can go for the best possible treatment, what clinical trials and other treatment of mesothelioma options are available, how to find a support group near your home, what financial aid is available and how to apply for it, and whether or not you should be working with an attorney to recoup your financial losses.

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Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers: A Patient's Guide

Surviving Mesothelioma and Other Cancers: A Patient's Guide

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