The Evil Dust – The History of Asbestos, an excerpt

This is an excerpt from a documentary about asbestos. The full movie covers everything you need to know about asbestos, and how, despite known dangers to people’s lives, continued to use it because of profitability. 

Check out how this magic mineral was used and abused over time:

100 years ago asbestos became known as a magic mineral and the use of millions of tons of asbestos created a very profitable industry. And for almost as long, the industry has known that asbestos is extremely dangerous to people. 

The documentary is part of the international awarded series “Late Lessons from Early Warnings” which explores how we have been able to respond to warnings about the hazards posed by some of the greatest technological innovations of the last century. We have not always been that successful. 

  • Directed and produced by Jakob Gottshau, 
  • Express TV Production Photography: 
  • Michael Daugaard Film Editing: 
  • Jesper Osmund Music: 
  • Niels Mosumgaard Narration: 
  • Brian Patterson Year of Production: 2006

Source: The Evil Dust – the history of asbestos, an excerpt – YouTube

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