New Mesothelioma Treatment? The last hope for Mesothelioma Patients

New Mesothelioma Treatment? The last hope for Mesothelioma Patients: New Mesothelioma Treatment – the last hope for Mesothelioma Patients ?????????????????????? ???? Free Online Article Directory ???????????????????? ? ? ???? ? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Top Articles ????? ????????????????????? FAQ ?????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????? ABAnswers ??????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? 0 & & $. Browser.msie) {?????? ie_version var = parseInt ($. Browser.version );?????? if (ie_version <a href = "/login" onclick = "show_login_box (); return false; "title =" login "id =" slide-login "rel =" nofollow "> Login </a>? <a href =""onclick =" fblogin (); _gaq.push (['_trackpageview', ' /login / fb_login_top']);" title = "login via facebook" class = "fb ">?????? 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New Mesothelioma Treatment – The last hope for Mesothelioma Patients ????????????????????????<a href = "/myhome/articles/edit_article/904531"> <strong> Edit Article </strong> </a> |?????????????????????????????? L? been sent: 06 May 2009 | Comments: <a href = "http://www.newmesotheliomatreatments.comcomments"> 0 </a>??????????????????????????|???????????? ??????????????<a class = "addthis_button_facebook_like" fb: like: locale = "en_us"> </a>??????????<a class = " addthis_button_tweet "tw: via =" articlesbase "tw: related =" webshark: founder, "tm: count =" vertical "> </a>??????????<a class =" addthis_counter addthis_pill_style "> </a>????????????????????????????????????]]>???? ??????????????????????????</p> <p> mesothelioma treatment is popular with m? r? mesothelioma patients is listed? ntynyt tremendously. New Mesothelioma Treatment t? RKE? sec? patients and l? k? thigh. If you’ve been k? rsii mesothelioma disease pitk?’s Eik? be mit? n my? nteisi? results that you’ve been waiting long? daddy menn ? new mesothelioma treatments?. </p> <p> There are many methods? involved in <a rel = "nofollow" onclick = "javascript: _gaq.push ([_trackpageview", "/ l? htevien / article_exit_link ']); "href =""> <strong> new mesothelioma treatment </strong> </a> such as cutting, s? teily, chemotherapy, etc. L? k? Determine k you begin, v ? t’s often? m? traditional therapies to offer the fastest and most accurate treatment of mesothelioma. Prior’s? ist? options should discuss l? k? ment with, because they are well aware of t? st? dangerous disease than sin?. L? k? Determine p? tt? v ? t, mit? treatment is worth taking. l Experienced? k? Give or surgeons t? h?’s new mesothelioma treatment lis? chemotherapy before surgery, and s? teily typically? v? hent ? opportunities sy? v? Levi’s? tion to another area off the original? isest? site. </p> <p> <strong> New mesothelioma treatment: </strong> </p> <p> There are a few credits? mesothelioma treatment methods? s are available today? about </p> <p> <strong> immunotherapy </strong> <br /> immunotherapy is one of t? llainen new mesothelioma treatments are tested properly. immunotherapy k you begin? ? patients’ own immuunij? SYSTEM? fight against mesothelioma, which consists of substances that l must match immuunij? SYSTEM?’s combat tumor growth. </p> <p> <strong> L? mp? care </strong> <br /> L? mp? therapy is another new mesothelioma treatment. L? mp? therapy works such that “it l? mmitt? sy? p? l? kkeill? before they are injected? n. When n? m? chemicals are in liter? mmitetty before pts? from? seems to kill enemm? n sy? p? cells. b? new mesothelioma treatment is known as my? s chemo l? mm? nnousua and has shown credits? results with malignant mesothelioma. </p> <p> <strong> Gene Therapy </strong> <br /> The third new mesothelioma treatment with gene therapy. Gene therapy by manipulating the genes linked? involved in the tumor into a virus such as flu, and then k you begin? virusl? ? kkeet immuunij or own? SYSTEM?’s destruction of cells. Suggestions mesothelioma treatment is still being conducted. </p> <p> <strong> photodynamic therapy </strong> <br /> Photodynamic therapy is one of t? rkeimmist? new mesothelioma therapies?. It consists of pts? m? ll? valoherkk? molecules in the pleural space prior to surgery. When the cutting is placed directly on photographic molecules, what’s to kill sy? p? cells. </p> <p> If you are looking for uploads? <a information rel = "nofollow" onclick = "javascript: _gaq.push ([_trackpageview", "/ l?htevien / href article_exit_link']);" =""> <strong> New mesothelioma treatment </strong> </a>, so I can assure you, k? Others?’s New Mesothelioma K? finishes that specializes in providing the latest information on the <a rel = "nofollow" onclick = "javascript: _gaq.push ([ _trackpageview "," / l? htevien / article_exit_link']);" href = ""> <strong> new mesothelioma treatment </strong> </a>. </p> <p>? ???????????? <a href=""> Retrieved from http:// New mesothelioma treatment last-hope-for-mesothelioma patients-904531.html </a> “????</p> <p class = "tracker"> (ArticlesBase SChttp://www.newmesotheliomatreatments.com904 531) </p> <p>????????????????<a href = "/cancer-articles/new-mesothelioma-treatment-the-last-hope-for-mesothelioma-patients-904531.html" title = "start with l? upload? m? ll? articles now!" class = "en_article_join_row" rel = "nofollow" onclick = "_gaq.push ([" _trackevent "," the "," articlejoinlink1 "'']); "> Need enemm?’s traffic situations? Not a problem. Publish us, and why everyone is talking about </a>??????<a href ="/publish-articles.php?utm_source=internal&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=join_page&utm_content=article_increase_traffic_link"title =" re-publish the article "class = "en_article_republish_row" rel = "nofollow" onclick = "_gaq.push ([" _trackevent "," the "," republisharticlelink ''']);"> liked b?’s article? Click here to publish it on your website or blog, it’s easy! </a>??????????<a href = "/ezine/904531" title = "jeff milton's articles"> </a>?????? <strong> <a href="/authors/jeff-milton/37734" title="Jeff milton's articles"> Jeff Milton </a> </strong> -????<strong> About the authors?: </strong> </p> <p> Jeff is an experienced writer, h?’s has written articles and reliable <a rel = "nofollow" onclick = "javascript: _gaq.push ([_trackpageview", "/ l? htevien / article_exit_link '] ) "href =""> <b> Mesothelioma Treatment Center </b> </a> for over 4 years. If you need information or assistance relating to the <a rel =" nofollow "onclick = "javascript: _gaq.push ([_trackpageview", "/ l? htevien / article_exit_link']);" href =""> <b> new mesothelioma treatment </b> </a> k? yhttp://www.newmesotheliomatreatments.comwebsite </p> <p>??????????????]]>?????? questions? and answers ????? ??????????????????????????????? Ask our experts your sy? p?’s Related? t t questions? ll?. ..??????????????????<a class = "qa_ask_btn" title = "ask" href =""> Ask </a>??????? ????????????? 200 mark? j? ljell ? ?????????????????????????????? ????????????????<a href = "/answers/can-hbo-be-used-for-patient-with-mesothelioma-32615" onclick = "_gaq.push ([ "_trackevent", "the", "relatedquestions", "cancer"]) "> Can HBO k you begin? patient Mesothelioma? </a>????????????????? ?????<a href = "/answers/what-are-the-survival-rates-for-a-cancerous-polyp-in-the-throat-between-stage-23-with-some-node-involvement -patient-is-having-s? teily-care-only "due to-h? nen-syd? n-problems-13 933" onclick = "_gaq.push ([" _trackevent "," the "," relatedquestions " "cancer']);"> Mitk? are survival? Gearing sy? p? throat polyp stage V? lill? 2 & 3 for some nodes involved? The patient is having s? dehoitoa just because h? NEN syd? mens? problems </a>??????????????????????<a href = "/answers/x46-yearsis-patient-of-dysmenorrheal-symptomswhat-are-the- treatment strategies 74 748 "onclick =" _gaq.push (["_trackevent", "the", "relatedquestions" "sy? p ?']);"> X, 46 years, the patient dysmenorrheal symptoms.what are treatment strategies? </a>??????????????????????????<b> Evaluate b? article </b>??????? ???????<a onclick = "ratearticle (1, 904 531), _gaq.push ([" _trackevent "," the ","? net "," 1']);" href = "/answers/x46-yearsis-patient-of-dysmenorrheal-symptomswhat-are-the-treatment-strategies-74748"title =" 1 t? hte? out of 5 "class =" t one? hden "rel =" nofollow "> 1 </a>????<a onclick =" ratearticle (2, 904 531 ) _gaq.push (["_trackevent", "the", "? net", 2']);" href = "javascript:void(0);" title = "2 hrs? hte? out of 5" class = "two t? hden" rel = "nofollow"> 2 </a>????<a onclick = "ratearticle (3, 904 531), _gaq.push ([" _trackevent "," the ","? net "," 3']);" href = "javascript:void(0);" title = "3 t? hte? out of 5" class = "three r? hte?" rel = "nofollow"> 3 </a>????<a onclick = "ratearticle (4, 904 531), _gaq.push ([" _trackevent "," the ","? net "," 4']);" href = "/answers/x46-yearsis-patient-of-dysmenorrheal-symptomswhat-are-the-treatment-strategies-74748"title =" 4 t? hte? out of 5 "class =" four? nt? hden "rel =" nofollow "> 4 </a>????<a onclick =" ratearticle (5, 904 531 ) _gaq.push (["_trackevent", "the", "? net", "5']);" href =" /answers/x46-yearsis-patient-of-dysmenorrheal-symptomswhat-are-the-treatment-strategies-74748"title =" 5 t? hte? out of 5 " class = "s five? hden" rel = "nofollow"> 5 </a>?????????? vote (s)?? 0? ni (s )??????? ?? <a title="Send l?hett?j? feedback" href="javascript:void(0);" rel="nofollow" class="icons"> ????</a><a title = "subscribe and rss" href = "/feedback/904531" rel = "nofollow" class = "icons"> RSS </a>????<a title = "print the b? article" href = "/rss/authors/37734" rel = "nofollow" class = "icons ">????</a><a title =" l? het? a friend "href ="/print/904531"rel =" nofollow "class =" icons "> s Email </a>????<a title = "publish the b?'s article in website" href = "/friend/904531" rel = "nofollow" class = "icons"> Re-publish </a>?? ?????????????<a rel = "nofollow" href = "/ezine/904531" onmouseover = "return addthis_open (b?'' location.href, document.title) "onmouseout =" addthis_close () "onclick =" return addthis_sendto (); _gaq.push (["_trackevent", "the", "send2friend", "addthis']);"></a>????????????????<b> L? HDE: </b> <a href = ""904531.html" title = "new mesothelioma treatment - the last hope for mesothelioma patients"> /authors/jeff-milton/37734new-mesothelioma-treatment-the-last-hope -for-mesothelioma-Patients-904531.html </a>? Article Tags :????????????????????????????<a href = "/cancer-articles/new-mesothelioma-treatment-the-last-hope-for-mesothelioma-patients-904531.html"> a new mesothelioma treatment </a>, <a href="/article-tags/new-mesothelioma-treatment"> mesothelioma treatment center </a> <a href = "/article-tags/mesothelioma-treatment-center"> mesothelioma treatment centers </a>??????<a href = "javascript:void(0);"> associated with? t videos </a>? ???????????<a href = "javascript:void(0);">????????????????</a><a href ="javascript:void(0);"> Latest Cancer Articles </a>????????????<a href =" /answers/x46-yearsis-patient-of-dysmenorrheal-symptomswhat-are-the-treatment-strategies-74748"> More? Jeff Milton </a>?? ???????????????????????????????????????<a onclick = "_gaq.push ([' _trackevent ',' articles ',' play video ',' cancer']);" href = "javascript:void(0);">??????????????</a>?? ???????????????????<a onclick = "_gaq.push (['_trackevent', 'articles',' play video ',' cancer']);" href = "javascript:void(0);">?????????? Dr. David Sanderson Explain? mesothelioma </a>????????????</p> <p> Dr. David Sanderson describes mesothelioma and selitt? how asbestos affects keuhkosy? p? about (1:39) </p> <p>?????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????? New virusl? kkeit? examined Destroy Mesothelioma most sy? v? T Cells ????????????????? ???????????????????????

A new study methods of treatment? with malignant pleural mesothelioma has led to a genetically engineered virus that can maybe? support for the treatment of sy? v? n event. Researchers Memorial Sloan-Kettering, most sy? v? s Center and Mount Sinai L? ketieteellisess? School in New York and the School of Public Health Wieniss? It? power are Perill? sec? to test genetically modified virus and the results of mesothelioma clients. Virus be regarded? of Newcastle disease virus (NDV ),…

???????????????????? AUTHOR ?:????????? ? Sandy Dickson l ???????????????????? Law l ?????????? October 4, 2010?? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????? l? employee? of Mesothelioma Treatment Centers: Help for Mesothelioma Patients ????????????????? ???????????????????????

l? employee? of mesothelioma sy? p? salon is t? RKE? step, which is these exercises? v? The following mesothelioma diagnosis. Many of the authors? t is taken into account when selecting from? get mesothelioma treatment, and to do? conscious p? t? STATEMENTS ensure ETT? you get care you need. Lis? information to choose the mesothelioma sy? p? treatment center, examine the? it? tips? and instructions.

???????????????????? AUTHOR ?:?????????? Liz Ryan l ??????????????????????????? ??????? Health >?????????? ?????????? Cancer l ??????? ?? March 1, 2010 ???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? Is Mesothelioma salon v? LTT? m? t? nt? ? ???????????????????????????????????????

when you are looking for reliable mesothelioma treatment center in your city , there are certain? things that you must match to ensure penis?. Like all Tied? mme, ETT? mesothelioma is a dangerous disease, and el? m? si may be at risk if you do not take proper care s? t? deadly disease .

???????????????????? AUTHOR ?:?????????? Jeff Milton l ????????????????????????????????? ? Health >???????????????? ???? Cancer l ?????????? May 16, 2009 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????</p> <p> Mesothelioma salon to provide the best treatment for mesothelioma have ever known. Ensinn? each, mesothelioma is a deadly sy? p? as a result of asbestos exposure associated with? s agents. </p> <p>??????? ????????????? AUTHOR ?:??????????<a href = "/ezine/904531" title = "jeff milton's articles"> Jeff Milton </a> l ??????????????????????????????????<a href = "/authors/jeff-milton/37734"title =" health articles "> Health </a>>????????????????????<a href ="/authors/jeff-milton/37734"title =" diseases and conditions articles "> diseases and conditions </a> l June 15 ??????????? the moon in 2009? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????<a title = "roads? ? mesothelioma "href ="/authors/leonghale/442238"_gaq.push ([" _trackevent', 'articles', "relatedarticle", "cancer']);"> roads? Mesothelioma </a>?????????????????????????????? ??????????</p> <p> Mesothelioma is a disease that is incurable. Now p? iv? nl? k? esters and researchers have begun to improve the diagnosis and treatment of Chechens Chechens deadly disease. They are continue l? employee? t? ydellinen way to p? st? rid of t? st? threatening disease. </p> <p>???????????????????? AUTHOR?: ??????????<a href = "/ezine/904531" title = "jeff milton's articles"> Jeff Milton </a> l ??????????? ???????????????????????<a href = "/authors/liz-ryan/75881" title = "health articles"> Health </a>>????????????????????<a href = "/authors/leonghale/442238" title = "diseases and conditions articles"> Diseases and Conditions </a> l ?????????? June 3? moon 2009 ?????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????<a title = "mit? stages of mesothelioma cancer?" href = ""onclick =" _gaq.push (["_trackevent," "it" "relatedarticle", "cancer']);"> What? stages of Mesothelioma Cancer? </a>??????????????????????????????????????? ? </p> <p> Mesothelioma sy? p? due to over exposure to asbestos. b? disease is k? y when ilke? cells Improving? mesothelium is er? nlainen lining that covers the l? nearly all ELINT? rkeiden bodies our bodies. </p> <p>???????????????????? AUTHOR ?:??????????<a href = "/authors/chris-m-alexander-/190463what-are-the-stages-of-mesothelioma-cancer-2355712.html"title =" leonghale's articles "> leonghale </a> l ??????????????????????????????????<a href = "/authors/liz-ryan/75881" title = "health articles"> Health </a>>??????????????????? ? <a href="/authors/jeff-milton/37734" title="Cancer articles"> Cancer </a> l ?????????? May 12, 2010?? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? </p> <p> All well-equipped local health unit? ss? have the necessary equipment needed to carry out the? it? measures?, otherwise the patients did not have to travel to the offering? it? services. </p> <p>??????? ????????????? AUTHOR ?:??????????<a href = "/authors/edith-lingenfelter/155072mesothelioma-specialists-around-us-1450284.html" title = "k james's articles"> K James </a> l ??????????????????????????????????<a href = "/authors/jeff-milton/37734"title =" health articles "> Health </a>>????????????????????<a href ="/authors/chris-m-alexander-/190463"title =" cancer articles "> Cancer </a> l ?????????? ???????????? November 12, 2009 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????</p> <p> assessing the life expectancy? mesothelioma patients, you must match to take into account a number of authors? it?, as each patient is t? Valleys different. As researchers have in excess? it? invented? new treatment routine, it is not administrator? ment, ETT? life expectancy of mesothelioma patients is growing . Average number of mesothelioma patients? r? life expectancy? is within five to eighteen months. </p> <p>???????????????????? AUTHOR ?:?????? ????<a href = "" title = "chris m. alexander's articles"> Chris M. Alexander </a> l ?????????? ????????????????????????<a href = "/authors/liz-ryan/75881" title = "health articles"> Health </a>>????????????????????<a href = "/authors/leonghale/442238 "title =" diseases and conditions articles "> Diseases and Conditions </a> l ?????????? ??????????????????? September 18, 2009 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????<a title = "there are better ways to improve teid? n sy? v?'s!" href = ""onclick =" _gaq.push (["_trackevent", "articles", "relatedarticle", "cancer']);"> There are better ways to improve teid?’s Cancer </a>???????????????????????????????????? ????</p> <p> Imagine mit? happen if k? vi from the ETT? you could improve your sy? p?’s just dollars, when you’re at home, and without the D? rsimyst? side effects? You do not need as scary, toxic? and expensive treatments to improve sy? v? about your p? st? rid sy? v? of course, safely and pysyv? perfectly. </p> <p>?????????????? ?????? AUTHOR ?:??????????<a href = "/authors/edith-lingenfelter/155072there-are-better-ways-to-cure-your-cancer-4478820.html" title = "rpbhalla's articles"> RPBhalla </a> l ?????? ????????????????????????????<a href = "/authors/liz-ryan/75881" title = "health articles"> Health </a>>????????????????????<a href = "/authors/jeff-milton/37734 "title =" cancer articles "> Cancer </a> l ?????????? ??????????????????????? March 26, 2011 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????? ?????????????????????????</p> <p> When someone is diagnosed with sy? p? them k? ntyv? t ihmisi?, they rely on most every is the current health care will help overcome the problem. What? n? m? people are NOT? t understand the? rr?, a lot of information sy? v?’s we are not told which t? rkein is meid?’s three ways to handle it is just treating the symptoms problem, which is often a lot of help. It’s a lot of t? RKE? mp? l? employee? syist problem? causes and correct them. </p> <p>??????????????? ????? AUTHOR ?:??????????<a href = "/authors/edith-lingenfelter/155072some-important-information-cancer-patients-should-know-4478639.html" title = "alan wighton's articles"> Alan Wighton </a> l?? ???????????????????????????????<a href = "/authors/liz-ryan/75881 "title =" health articles "> Health </a>>????????????????????<a href ="/authors/alicia-verity/589382too-much-sun-can-ruin-your-fun-4475648.html"title =" cancer articles "> Cancer </a> l ?????????? ???????????????????? March 26, 2011 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????</p> <p> three yleisint? ihosy? are small tyvisolusy? p?, okasolusy? p? and melanoma. Each is named after the type of skin cell from which it arises. Basal and okasolusy? p? are two yleisint? and curable ihosy? v? t. </p> <p>???????????????????? AUTHOR ?:??????????<a href = "/authors/edith-lingenfelter/155072skin-cancer-and-the-health-benefits-of-nutrition-supplements-4476196.html" title = "edith lingenfelter's articles"> Edith Lingenfelter </a> a href ??????????????????????????????????<l = "/authors/liz-ryan/75881" title = "health articles"> Health </l>>???????????????????? <a href="/authors/jeff-milton/37734" title="Cancer articles"> Cancer </a> l ?????????? March 25, 2011?? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????</p> <p> Sunburn can become excessive exposure to sun sec? artificial solarium. Lis? information on an easy home remedy treatments that provide relief for sunburn, sec? tips? how to est? unwanted sunburn incident first. </p> <p>???????????????????? AUTHOR ?:??????????<a href = "/authors/alicia-verity/589382" title = "alicia verity's articles"> Alicia Verity </a> l ??????????????????????????????????<a href = "/authors/liz-ryan/75881" title = "health articles"> Health </a>>?????????????????? ? <a href="/authors/jeff-milton/37734" title="Cancer articles"> Cancer </a> l ?????????? March 25, 2011? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ? </p> <p> According to a recent study, which menthol cigarette v? Hemm? n Improving? keuhkosy? p?’s than other cigarettes. In other words, keuhkosy? v?’s risk is for those people who smoke s? nn? llisesti cigarette has proved the researchers report. </p> <p>???????????????????? AUTHOR ?:??????????<a href = "/authors/francis-calma/386448"title =" francis calma's articles'> Calma Francis </a> l ??????????????????????????? ???????<a href = "/authors/liz-ryan/75881" title = "health articles"> Health </a>>?????????? ??????????<a href = "/authors/jeff-milton/37734" title = "cancer articles"> Cancer </a> l ??????? ?? March 25, 2011 ???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????? ??????????????????????????????????</p> <p> A man is diagnosed with prostate sy? p? three minutes v? lein , and one dies every seven? ntoista minutes. </p> <p>???????????????????? AUTHOR ?:??????????<a href = "/authors/daylen-rieher/691545" title = "daylen rieher's articles"> Daylen Rieher </a> l ???????????????????????? ??????????<a href = "/authors/liz-ryan/75881" title = "health articles"> Health </a>>??????? ?????????????<a href = "/authors/jeff-milton/37734" title = "cancer articles"> Cancer </a> l?? ?????? March 25, 2011 ????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ????????????????????????</p> <p> Sy? p? is a collective term k you begin? refer to malignant tumors or uncontrolled sy? p? cell growth elimist ? ss?. </p> <p>???????????????????? AUTHOR ?:??????????<a href = "/authors/daylen-rieher/691545"title =" daylen rieher's articles "> Daylen Rieher </a> l ?????????????????????????????? ????<a href = "/authors/liz-ryan/75881" title = "health articles"> Health </a>>????????????? ???????<a href = "/authors/jeff-milton/37734" title = "cancer articles"> Cancer </a> l ?????????? March 25, 2011 ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ? </p> <p> Sy? p? is one of the fears? tty diseases in the world. It affects thousands of ihmisi?, and it does not choose MIT? ni? st?, gender or etnisest? background. Due to the very poor prognosis, many patients and Heid ?’s families? and yst? vi? n-k is hard? process a?. But it’s much worse when they learn you do? pes? kkeit?. </p> <p>????????? ??????????? 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